Activator Goo: A Modern Recipe Based on Dr. Weston A. Price's Famous Oil Mixture

by Jon Sasmor RCPC (Mineral Guide, MinBalance LLC)
Updated June 24, 2022

Summary: Mix Your Oils!

Mix your cod liver oil and emu oil together, like Dr. Weston A. Price's famous Activator-rich oil mixture.

You can also add dried grass-fed organic beef liver, kelp, and other powdered supplements, together with a drop of mineral-rich liquid, to form an invigorating Activator Goo.

Dr. Weston A. Price used to recommend a mixture of equal parts high-vitamin cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil, 3/4 tsp. of each oil, daily, split among meals.

Activator Goo provides a delicious modern adaptation of Dr. Price's recipe. It mixes cod liver oil, emu oil, and grass-fed organic beef liver. Optionally, other savory supplements such as kelp may be included.

I've eaten Activator Goo twice daily since May 2020, with outstanding results. It's a highlight of my days.

Activator Goo isn't an official part of the Root Cause Protocol (RCP), though some of its ingredients (grass-fed organic beef liver, cod liver oil, and kelp) are part of RCP. Many who are doing RCP have been experimenting with the Walkabout Emu Oil with good results. I thought others might be interested to try Activator Goo!

How to Make "Activator Goo"

To make a serving of Activator Goo, combine to form a goo:

  • 1/4 tsp. Rosita extra virgin cod liver oil (keep refrigerated; shake before use)
  • 1/4 tsp. Walkabout emu oil (keep at room temperatature; shake before use)
  • 1/2 to 3 capsules grass-fed organic beef liver, opened and emptied
  • 1/10 to 1 capsule kelp, opened and emptied (optional)
  • a few grains of sea salt, to taste
  • any additional savory powdered food-based supplements such as additional glandulars or mushroom-based supplements which are part of your supplement routine (optional)
  • about 1/2 tsp. (a few drops) of delicious liquid such as meat broth, runny egg yolk, or cooking water from pressure cooked or steamed veggies (optional, adjust amount to desired texture)

Combine and enjoy! Chew thoroughly to increase absorption of nutrients in the mouth. Eat by the mini-spoonful or atop veggies.

Eat a serving of Activator Goo 2 to 3 times daily, ideally with the fattiest portion of your meal.

You can measure, mix, and eat Activator Goo with a 1/4 tsp. stainless steel measuring spoon, in a 1 cup glass food storage bowl, or something similar.

Activator Goo
Activator Goo

Dr. Weston A. Price's Mixture of Activator-Rich Oils

Dr. Weston A. Price first invented a mixture of oils:

"The program that I have found most efficient has been one which includes the use of small quantities of very high vitamin butter mixed in equal parts with a very high vitamin cod liver oil. . . .

When this butter oil is mixed in equal parts with a very high-vitamin cod liver oil, it produces a product that is more efficient than either alone. . . .

The quantity of the mixture of butter oil and cod liver oil required is quite small, half a teaspoonful three times a day with meals is sufficient to control wide-spread tooth decay when used with a diet that is low in sugar and starches and high in foods providing the minerals, particularly phosphorus. A teaspoonful a day divided between two or three meals is usually adequate to prevent dental caries and maintain a high immunity; it will also maintain freedom from colds and a high level of health in general."

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (1939) by Weston A. Price, chapter 16

"Activator Goo": A Modern-Day Adaptation of Dr. Price's Mixture

Activator Goo provides a modern-day adaptation of Dr. Weston A. Price's famous combination of cod liver oil and high-vitamin butter oil.

The Activators include the fat-soluble vitamins: A and D (found in cod liver oil) and K2-MK4 (found in high-vitamin butter oil, and even more so today, in emu oil).

Activator Goo combines some of today's densest Activator food sources: high-vitamin cod liver oil, high-vitamin emu oil, and grass-fed organic beef liver.

The amounts of the cod liver oil and emu oil are designed to match Dr. Weston A. Price's guidelines.

The mixture provides synergistic nutrients that work better mixed together than the ingredients provide alone.

Alternative Cod Liver Oils and Emu Oils

  • For emu oil, I'm not aware of any other brand besides Walkabout that raises emus in the traditional way and extracts emu oil with high vitamin K2-MK4 content. Walkabout is the only recommended brand.
  • For cod liver oil, Jigsaw also makes a good cod liver oil. Somehow, however, I find Rosita contains something special in it missing from other cod liver oils. The Jigsaw liquid cod liver oil contains a strong lemon flavor which isn't suitable for Activator Goo, to my taste. For Activator Goo, the Jigsaw softgels work better in taste than Jigsaw liquid. Most other cod liver oil brands are excessively processed and not recommended.
  • Softgels may be used instead of liquid oils. Don't refrigerate softgels. Softgels may include Rosita cod liver oil (very expensive per dose), Jigsaw cod liver oil, or Walkabout emu oil. If using softgels, you may slit open the softgel and add the contents to your Activator Goo. Otherwise, mix the other ingredients into Activator Goo, and bite open the softgel to eat the contents, just before or just after eating your Activator Goo.

My Personal Experience with Activator Goo

I've eaten Activator Goo twice daily since May 2020. Activator Goo seems to produce a deep sense of well-being! I also found that within a month or two after starting the Activator Goo, my jaw shifted so that I stopped grinding my teeth. My jaw no longer closes in the same place where my teeth used to grind.

I most highly recommend that you try mixing your oils together into a goo, similar to what Dr. Weston A. Price recommended!

Do the Goo!!!