MinBlog: Basics of Copper and Iron

By Jon Sasmor RCPC (Mineral Guide, MinBalance LLC)
Updated September 27, 2021

The Root Cause Protocol (RCP) says, as I understand it:

Bioavailable copper is needed to release the overload of iron in the cells (which may show as absent in the bloodstream).

Copper crucially activates ceruloplasmin, which can act as a ferroxidase to make the iron available. Iron needs copper at every stage of its metabolism. Otherwise, the iron gets stuck and causes oxidative stress. Copper begins to make trouble and iron builds in the cells when copper doesn't show up for work at its proper job in ceruloplasmin.

I'm amazed to think about all the iron-fortified grains (such as breakfast cereal, pasta, pizza, and baked goods) that I ate in the first 25-30 years of my life. All that synthetic, oxidizing iron in fortified foods may turn out to be one of the greatest stressors for many of us!

These are some materials about copper-iron metabolism which have been most helpful so far. You might enjoy reading: