Copper: The Intuition Mineral

by Jon Sasmor RCPC (Mineral Guide, MinBalance LLC)
Updated October 30, 2022

Copper is the Intuition Mineral because it nourishes the part of the spirit that sends intuitive knowledge.

Copper, the Intuition Mineral, brings deeper secrets to life. Copper gives us gifts to connect with nonlinear knowledge from a deep innate source.

Copper seeds creativity and deepens emotion. Copper makes a person feel more alive.

In contrast, excess iron promotes top-down transmission of knowledge and hierarchical authority structures. Excess iron suppresses independent spirit and flattens emotions.

Intuitive types of people may be more rare in the modern world and may have been more common in traditional cultures. Intuitive types flourish and thrive on copper, when in balance with other minerals.

In contrast to copper, though well-intentioned, many other nutrients in excess will imbalance copper and erode the intuition. These anti-intuitive agents include many popular nutrients today, including excess zinc, iron, semi-vitamin D, ascorbic acid, and molybdenum. The sabotage of copper function, even if well-intentioned, has been spread by the narrative of the Legend of Copper Toxicity.

If you want to nourish your intuition and gain from deep, ancient, intuitive knowledge, then avoid the Legend of Copper Toxicity and instead focus on mineral balance that promotes copper function. To do so, follow the Root Cause Protocol.

Of course, beyond copper's extraordinary benefits to intuition, copper also fulfills vital roles in energy making, antioxidant defense, and safe mobilization of iron.

In a personalized consult, I can help you balance your minerals to decrease your stress, increase your energy, and nurture your spirit.