Lawrence Wilson: Development of Mind, Body, and Spirit through Nutrition and Lifestyle

Part 9 of the series,
Mineral Balancing Giants

by Jon Sasmor RCPC (Mineral Guide, MinBalance LLC)
Updated July 31, 2022

You Can Gain Remarkable Benefits with Nutrition and Lifestyle

After working with Dr. Paul Eck at ARL, Lawrence Wilson, M.D. founded the Center for Development and launched The Development Science and Nutritional Balancing Website. Dr. Wilson continues to extend mineral balancing research.

Though MinBalance isn't an official Dr. Wilson helper, and we don't offer official Dr. Wilson development programs, we enthusiastically acknowledge Dr. Wilson among the inspiring giants of mineral balancing science.

Dr. Wilson applies systems theory. He selects foods, supplements, and procedures that strengthen and upgrade the entire mind-body-spirit system — rather than those which might feel good, but benefit only certain parts of the system, at the expense of others.

The Diet for Minerals presented here on this website arose from Dr. Wilson's outstanding diet, but with more than a few important differences. For details, please see How the Diet for Minerals Compares with Dr. Larry Wilson's Diet for Rapid Development.

Dr. Wilson has advanced nutrition with many findings about specific foods, discovered many new hair mineral patterns, and added gentle relaxation and detoxification procedures.

In addition to improvements in mind and body, remarkable spiritual benefits result from an ambitious approach to mineral balancing, Dr. Wilson finds.

"Development" refers to the process of mental, physical, and spiritual growth to fulfull one's genetic potential. Development occurs through outstanding nutrition and lifestyle.

Annotated References:

Wilson, Lawrence, M.D. (2022). The development science and nutritional balancing website. 1500+ articles with Dr. Wilson's comprehensive paradigm of how to live. Includes detailed study of mineral balancing and development, together with Dr. Wilson's views on political, religious, and esoteric topics. Some of Dr. Wilson's articles include:

  • Food for Daily Use — A Diet for Rapid Development, Food for Occasional Use, and Forbidden Foods for Development. Dr. Wilson's detailed research about which foods work best to supply minerals, in balance, in today's food supply. Takes into account toxins and soil depletion which might not have been present when humans evolved, or even 50 or 20 or 10 years ago, when many of us were growing up.
  • The Development Program Supplement List. Explanation of why Dr. Wilson uses certain nutritional supplements to balance hair mineral levels and promote development. The importance of addressing copper-iron dysregulation and retinol-A function suggests concern with a few of Dr. Wilson's suggestions, such as high-dose vitamin D and zinc. The Root Cause Protocol recommends otherwise.
  • The Procedures Handbook. Extensive how-to guide for procedures to relax and assist the body.
  • Hair Mineral Analysis. A catalog of hair mineral patterns observed by Dr. Eck and/or Dr. Wilson. Contains links to separate articles about many specific patterns.
  • Introduction to the Development Program and Introduction to Development. Explanation of how nutrition and lifestyle can offer spiritual development and realization of one's genetic potential. Includes Dr. Wilson's observations about the remarkable benefits of outstanding nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Modern Development Science Pioneers. Including many of the giants of mineral balancing science discussed in this article series, and others too.
  • Much of the above, and more, is covered in Dr. Wilson's book, Development Science and Development Programs. Also, there is more detail about the healing benefits, cautions, and procedures for near-infrared heat lamps and saunas in Dr. Wilson's book, Sauna Therapy.

Wilson, Lawrence, M.D. (2018). Love is the Answer. Prescott, AZ: L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc. Ebook available at Ebook summary at Dr. Wilson offers spiritual lessons to guide development. Some readers may find helpful concepts, imagery, and thought exercises in this short book. Topics covered include:

  • connecting with a loving Creator,
  • removing limits from our thinking,
  • seeing sovereignty and empowerment, not victimhood,
  • pursuing integrity and coherence in one's life,
  • observing things happening by will of larger forces,
  • moving energy downward toward groundedness,
  • radiating love and humor, rather than absorbing energies of others,
  • viewing the past and present as perfect, with reasons beyond what we might understand, and
  • forgiving everyone for everything, including oneself — but without necessarily allowing the same things to happen again.