Stop Internal Pollution!

by Jon Sasmor RCPC (Mineral Guide, MinBalance LLC)
Updated August 17, 2022

Let's say the biome of cells inside you is an "environment" — your internal enviroment.

Can we keep adding foods that aren't natural foods, water that isn't natural water, air that isn't natural air, electromagnetic signals, chemicals, injections, and so on, without experiencing effects that look like pollution? We may see these effects as health conditions, fatigue, weakness, susceptibility, or illness, but "internal pollution" may describe our situation better.

As usual with pollution, it's difficult to pin the effects to a single pollutant source. Yet, all the unnatural things going into us add up and affect us!

What does your intuition say? Do the foods, water, air, electromagnetism, chemicals, injections, etc. matter as pollutants?

Like pollution of the external environment, we can't go back entirely from internal pollution, because we benefit from the pollutant technologies in many ways.

The key step is to recognize pollution as pollution and decide to take action to cut pollution inside you. You have the freedom to do so yourself. You can become more resilient and strong by stopping polluting yourself.

In some ways (but not others), we've made substantial progress in cleaning up the earth since Rachel Carson's Silent Spring. We can make similar substantial progress in cleaning up our bodies — the internal enviroment inside us!

P.S. Pollution makes hockey-stick-shaped graphs of its damage — both in the external environment (Nature) and internal environment (human health). We can change the graph by managing pollution. For the internal environment, we can do that personally for ourselves.