Root Cause Protocol Blood Tests List

The Root Cause Protocol "Full Monty Iron Panel" helps assess your mineral balance, stress response, and energy level. The panel includes:

Ideally, sample blood before eating breakfast.

These blood tests help monitor your mineral balance as you work on diet and lifestyle with the Root Cause Protocol. Do your best to get all of them, but some may be unavailable in your area.

You may ask your doctor for help ordering these to support your nutritional measures. In some locations, you may order the tests at your expense through a lab or service.

In the USA (most states - see links below), the following two services offer the complete Full Monty panel privately. You can pay, book, and obtain results online from either of the following:

TIP: Both Ulta and Request-a-Test sometimes offer sitewide discounts. Check their home pages for a discount code before ordering.

For more info about ordering the tests in other countries, please visit the Root Cause Protocol website.