Kids on the Root Cause Protocol: Dosage Tips

by Jon Sasmor RCPC (Mineral Guide, MinBalance LLC)
Updated November 17, 2021

You may be wondering how to provide the Root Cause Protocol for your child. Please see the official Root Cause Protocol Handbook for the complete list of RCP items.

Here are some unofficial tips about how to adapt the RCP for kids:

How to Start Kids on the RCP

  • Stop all the items listed in the RCP STOPs.
  • For the RCP STARTs:
    • Follow the stages of the RCP.
    • For each item, start with a tiny amount, one item at a time. Then increase dosage gradually. For example, start with 1 drop of Aussie Trace Minerals or 1 drop of Rosita cod liver oil.
    • Change only one item or dosage at a time (same as for adults). Don't make another change until 5-7 days later.

Ballpark Estimate of RCP Target Dosage for Kids

  • Proportional body weight provides a starting point for target dosage. Divide your child's weight in pounds by 160 (or divide weight in kilograms by 72), then multiply that amount by the adult dosage. For example, a 40-lb. child could aim for 40/160 = 1/4 of the adult dosage.
  • For those on facebook, you may find a kids dosage chart available in Mag Mommies facebook group by Amelia Ruifrok.

Adjustments to Target Dosage

  • When kids are growing, they may need more than the proportional dosage.
  • When kids are nursing, they may be able to get a good amount of the nutrients from Mom if she's doing the RCP. Take into account how much your child is nursing, as adjustments may be needed.
  • If your child has a sensitive reaction, he or she may need less than the proportional dosage, and may stay on tiny amounts for quite a while.
  • Dosage needs vary as children grow; there's no need to worry if your child seems to need more or less.

Trust Yourself and Your Child

  • Trust your instincts as a parent! You may be even more aware of your child's eating, bowel, and sleep patterns than your own patterns. From these patterns, you may be able to identify a dosage that seems "right" for your child at that age and stage. As kids grow, they need more. If you have parental instincts about the amount that's "right" for your child at a given time, trust your instincts first rather than a proportional amount.
  • If you are concerned you might miss important changes, then keep notes in a notebook or a Notes app. Write down the changes your child made in the dosages and when your child changed them. Write down significant symptom changes.
  • Listen to your kids! If they ask for more whole-food-vitamin-C or cod liver oil, that's a good signal that more will help. When your kids are old enough, you can begin asking their impressions about when to change the dosages.

Thanks to fellow RCPCs for discussions about this topic.